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TuckAway is an Add-in that seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Outlook to help you keep
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9 June 2009

Editor's review

With loads of emails cluttering up your Outlook inbox, you must have found it difficult to manage and organize your emails effectively. In such case, you can try taking up the assistance of an expertise utility that can support you in organizing your Outlook emails in an effective manner. If you’ve also began looking for such a tool then TuckAway 1.5.1 is worth trying. It’s an add-in tool for your MS Outlook that integrates within in order to help you organize your emails. It’s based on intelligent filing system, which utilizes advanced prediction algorithms to adapt your filing preferences and suggest the correct folder for storing the messages.

The TuckAway adds a menu bar Outlook and assists you in keeping your email cluttered Outlook inbox organized, thus making it easier to find desired emails immediately. The program helps you in sorting sent emails, so that you can get them sorted by topic. The add-in allows you to specify folder, in which you wish to store every sent email, through seamless integration with Outlook. It even supports moving a complete email thread into one folder making it easier to follow it, as Outlook stores incoming and outgoing emails in separate folders that causes single email thread to split up. Along with this, the add-in also lets you move entire email thread into particular folder while replying to it. Even, by using TuckAway, you can quickly navigate Outlook folders by clicking or typing destination folder’s name. Further, it comprises of intelligent system, which studies user work patterns in Outlook, thereafter to suggest a suitable folder for every email you send. In addition, to make things even easier, it gives you the liberty to define any Outlook folders as default, where it would store the sent items automatically.

Owing to the handy functioning of TuckAway 1.5.1 tool it doesn’t require you to get involved in configuring any complicated rules. For its effective and smoothly operated functions, added with remarkable performance, the add-in tool is deservingly being allotted 3.5 rating points.

Publisher's description

TuckAway is an Add-in that seamlessly integrates into Microsoft Outlook to help you keep your Inbox organized.
The TuckAway one-click-file feature is based on an intelligent filing system. This system uses advanced prediction algorithms which adapts to your filing preferences and will suggest the right folder to store the messages. The system is completely automated, so no need to create complicated rules. TuckAway is so easy to use that filing emails is done with just one mouse-click!
Outlook users know that with a large number of emails, the Inbox quickly becomes cluttered. This makes it difficult to find what you need and to stay organized. Filing emails into folders is a great solution, but using Outlook rules can become awkward when you have more than a few. Using drag-n-drop is just too slow and when it comes to filing sent items Outlook won`t let you choose the default “Sent Items” folder.
What can TuckAway do for you?
· Organizes your Inbox to make it easier to find messages.
· Uses an intelligent filing system to recommend the right folder.
· Helps you sort messages by automatically suggesting the right filing folder, saving you time and effort.
· Files sent and received messages of the same conversation together.
· Files emails easily and effectively as rule creation is not required.
· Moves items with a single mouse click, so simple and convenient you won`t be able to get by without it.
· Try before you buy, download a fully functional 30 day trial!
Version 1.5.1
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Gets the right folder most of the times.
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